Kampagne für Makedonien
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Eine Kampagne gegen die Usurpation griechischer Geschichte durch die ehemalige jugoslawische Republik. Der Inhalt der Kampagne wird in der Orginalversion (Englisch) in Makedons.de veröffentlicht -  

With the hope that this ad reaches every corner of the world; especially the Greek Prime Minister, as well as the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. It is time for Hellenes worldwide to unite. This is our chance. If we don't raise our voice now, we may as well stay silent forever. Please copy, republish and forward this poster to everyone you know. Above all, send the text that follows to the above mentioned recipients. Let us unite our voices in A GLOBAL GREEK VOICE



We are not fooled by the terms "international, bilateral, constitutional"

We are not fooled by "geographical" determinations such as "North, Upper, Vardar Macedonia" (with or without brackets)

"North Macedonia" implies there is also a "South" one. "Upper Macedonia " implies there is a "Lower" one.

Consent to a compound name entails the sell-out of our national heritage. It entails consent to Skopjan irredentism. It entails high treason.

Αll UN member-states that have recognized Skopje under its constitutional name, including the UN as a whole, have agreed to accept any final agreement resulting from negotiations between the two countries. So why are you giving away the name of 2.5 million Macedonians without a second thought

Say No to a compound name. Turn the tables. This is FYROM's problem, not ours. We do not need a "bilateral" solution, they do. Greece has the last word, no matter how many countries in the world recognize them by their constitutional name. We plead with you: Do not sell out our name. Which person, Greek or not, has the right to deprive us, the Macedonians, of our right to our history and our culture, and to pass our identity to a fledgling Slavic nation? Macedonia, an integral part of the Greek world since the beginning of our history, was repeatedly used as a tool for the expansionist policy of the Bulgars, Slavs, and Soviets who wanted access to the Aegean Sea. The FYROM, was known as Vardarska until the 1940's, when Josip Broz Tito changed its name and falsified its cultural heritage in trying to steal Macedonia from Greece.

Why must we suddenly recognize a "Macedonian" state and nation since the use of this term by non-Greeks is an assault on our heritage? As stated by Kiro Gligorov, the first President of the FYROM: "We are Slavs who came to this area in the sixth century (AD)... we are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians.  serious historians are laughing with what has been happening in my country. At the rate we are going we will say we are direct descendants of Adam and Eve and Paradise will be proven to be “Macedonian” and thus ours". Common sense. Which country would ever negotiate its national heritage?


The participants in the campaign so far: Independent Greek Network - Worldwide PanMacedonian Associations (Canada, US, Europe, Australia, Africa) - Hellenic-American National Council (HANC), Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) - Hellenic Congress of Quebec - Movement for FREEDOM & JUSTICE IN CYPRUS - Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC)

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